About Us

Milleyson Holdings Kft.

Energy supply and energy services for small and medium-sized enterprises

Natural gas trading

Milleyson Holdings Kft. was founded in 2018 by private individual. Over the past several years, the necessary infrastructure for natural gas trade has been built. The company focuses on the wholesale trade of natural gas in the European energy market. For this purpose Milleyson Holdings Kft. obtained a natural gas trading licence in 2018 from the Hungarian Energy and Public Utility Regulatory Authority (MEKH), since July 2019 the company is a virtual trader at CEGH VTP, and in 2022 Milleyson became a member of CEEGEX Central Eastern European Gas Exchange, as well as European Energy Exchange AG (EEX). Since Milleyson is a Balance Group Responsible Party (BGRP), it also offers a balance group services.

Our company is active at the following points:

  • MGP (Hungary)
  • CEGH VTP (Austria)
  • SK VTP (Slovakia)

In addition to running the wholesale natural gas trading, Milleyson Holdings Kft. has also built a consumer portfolio (small and medium-sized enterprises) in Hungary.

Electricity trading

After the successful entry into the natural gas trading market and based on the experience gained at the natural gas market, seeing the growing market demand for integrated energy trading offers, as well as recognizing the connections and trading opportunities between the natural gas and electricity markets, in order to expand its energy trading product portfolio and to make more efficient use of its already established trading infrastructure, Milleyson Holdings Kft. decided to extend its activities to the electricity trading area.
As a first step, Milleyson obtained an electricity trading licence in 2022 and concluded Balance Group Agreement with MAVIR, Hungary. As a next step, the company established an organised market membership (HUPX), and at the moment is extendending its activity to the market segment aimed at the full supply of customers.


Milleyson Holdings undertakes the complex implementation and operation of solar power plants and the connected battery storage facilities. In addition to operation, we complete the energy supply and energy management with a longer-term electric power trading contract. In order to facilitate the decision, we can provide a preliminary economic analysis.